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Album Review: Peaceful Solo Piano from the Heart
Louis Landon
Cover image of the album Peaceful Solo Piano from the Heart by Louis Landon
Peaceful Solo Piano from the Heart
Louis Landon
2012 / Landon Creative, Inc
60 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
When Louis Landon performed here this past August, he was getting ready to go north to Piano Haven Studio to record a new album. He played quite a few selections from that album and I’m not exaggerating when I say I was completely blown away. I knew from previous performances that Landon is an amazing pianist, but this album really proves it. Titled Peaceful Solo Piano from the Heart, this is Landon’s sixth solo piano release and his most vibrant music yet. It will definitely be on my Favorites list for 2012. The title suggests that this music could be very slow and soft - classic new age, perhaps - but this is a different kind of “peaceful” that overflows with joy and a zest for life. When asked how he’s doing, Landon always replies, “Excellent and doing better all the time.” Now I really believe him! Well-trained and very experienced in jazz and classical music as well as pop and rock, Landon’s style has become very distinctive despite the tremendous versatility he brings to his music. He is the real deal!

Peaceful Solo Piano from the Heart begins with “My Joyous Heart,” a lively and buoyant celebration. Great start! “A Life in Three Acts” has a sense of wonder and discovery in the first part, lively excitement in the second, and a slower feeling of reflection in the third - a fascinating concept piece. “Twilight” is as gentle and beautiful as that time of evening. I love this one! Landon makes use of the pedals to create the feeling of vast open space in “Galaxy.” The lowest notes on the piano keyboard suggest darkness and movement while the high notes twinkle and sparkle like stars - another beauty! “Silver Falls” is a swirling and effervescent dance of joy that never stops moving - another favorite. “Hangin at the Homestead” is completely different with a slow swing rhythm and a slight gospel feel. Relaxed and easy, it’s another great piece! “Etude for Mother Earth” is possibly Landon’s best piece yet. The melody is relatively simple and heartfelt, but the dazzling arpeggios that run throughout the piece create pure musical magic. Absolutely gorgeous! “From the Heart” is a soulful ballad and something of a soliloquy - honest, open, and very graceful. “Namaste” brings the album to a lovely close with what could be an earnest prayer for peace.

Peaceful Solo Piano from the Heart is amazing from the first note to the last. It is available from louislandon.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. I give it my highest recommendation.
November 3, 2012
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