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Album Review: Soul Healing Piano Music
Louis Landon
Cover image of the album Soul Healing Piano Music by Louis Landon
Soul Healing Piano Music
Louis Landon
2017 / Landon Creative
52 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Soul Healing Piano Music is Louis Landon’s fifteenth solo piano album and is a collection of eleven improvisations that were recorded between July and October 2016 at Landon’s Peace Palace recording studio in Sedona, AZ. The first eight tracks were recorded as part of a healing concert, and the other three were recorded in individual healing sessions that are a part of Landon’s practice at Healing Piano of Sedona. As has been true of Landon’s previous albums of this type, the music is soothing and relaxing yet has plenty of substance for more focused listening. A lifelong musician, composer, and performer Landon is one of those artists who seems to be the most at home with a piano at the end of his fingertips. His move from New York to Sedona several years ago has certainly generated an amazing creative streak for him that shows no signs of slowing down - lucky us! It is worth mentioning that the beautiful cover artwork was done by sedonalovenotes.com, another component of Landon’s busy career along with partner Christine Marie, and that the album was mastered by Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven in Sedona.

Soul Healing Piano Music begins with “Conscious Love,” a quiet meditation that expresses deep emotions - a compelling opener! It’s interesting how “Healing Words” seems to be speaking (or singing) without the use of actual words, but by communicating via the languages of music and love. The first passages of “No More Fear” are dark and express feelings of being lost (either physically or emotionally). As the piece evolves, it gradually moves out of the darkness and up to the light - a favorite. “Clear Direction” is also a favorite, conveying a lightness of spirit and a sense of moving forward with strength and optimism. “Peaceful Path” is quite a bit more ambient, flowing freely and going wherever the piece leads as it is being created. “Presence” feels a bit more focused and deliberate with emotional immediacy and earnestness. “Good Fortune” seems to express joy as well as appreciation, so it is in no way giddy - another favorite. To me, “Hopeful” surrenders both control and anxiety, and derives a certain amount of peace by letting go. Very gentle and unhurried, it’s a sweet reminder that we should stay optimistic and “hopeful” by not trying to make things happen all the time. “Reaching for the Sky” can be another way to indicate setting goals a bit out of reach or dreaming big, and this lovely closing piece seems to be doing just that while maintaining a peaceful demeanor.

There are a lot of really great improvisational pianists, but not many spontaneously create such cohesive music as Louis Landon does. Soul Healing Piano Music is a wonderful album for relaxation, meditation, or just kicking back and enjoying some great solo piano music. It is available from www.LouisLandon.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Recommended!
January 26, 2017
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