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Album Review: Sunset Breeze
Lynn Yew Evers
Cover image of the album Sunset Breeze by Lynn Yew Evers
Sunset Breeze
Lynn Yew Evers
2018 / Heart Dance Records
55 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Sunset Breeze is the fourth album from Malaysian-born pianist/composer Lynn Yew Evers who relocated to the US in 2009 and has been dazzling audiences with her artistry ever since. “Grace” and “elegance” are two words that always come to mind when listening to Evers’ recordings, but those two qualities are even more profound when she plays live. Now living in Washington State in a climate far different from Malaysia’s, Evers’ greatest inspirations come from her relationships with God and nature. The fourteen piano solos on Sunset Breeze are very classically-influenced, tempered with melodic “new age” sensibilities that allow the music to work well in the background as well as with full concentration and focus on Evers’ very expressive playing.

Lynn Yew Evers began performing at the age of 5 and was composing and improvising by the time she was 9. She went on to earn a degree from the Trinity College of Music in London. Since 1985, she has organized and performed many concerts in Malaysia and the US as both a soloist and an accompanist for major choirs and ensembles. A highlight of those events was being invited to play for the King and Queen of Malaysia as well as the Prime Minister and other Malaysian dignitaries.

Sunset Breeze begins with “The Dancing Doll,” a title that sounds like it would be carefree and innocent, but this beautiful piece is a real heartbreaker. Slow and mournful, yet very graceful and tender, it’s my favorite piece on the album. Ocean winds can be fierce and dramatic or calm and peaceful, and the piece “Ocean Wind” is definitely the latter with a gentle, easy flow that would ruffle the hair rather than blasting you with sand. “Eternity” is a gorgeous, dreamy expression of serenity and peace. “Oriental Moon” begins with a bang in the bass of the piano that definitely gets your attention. Darker and more dramatic than the rest of the album, this is my other favorite track. “Soaring” returns to a lighter, more blissful demeanor that is absolutely beautiful. “Without Words” expresses feelings that words never quite get right. It would be perfect behind the credits of a poignant love story - bittersweet, tender and so much more. “Reminisce” expresses the warm contentment of cherished memories, flowing easily and evoking a smile. “Prelude in D Minor” brings the album to a peaceful close with heartfelt emotion mixed with grace and elegance. Sigh…

If you are familiar with Lynn Yew Evers’ previous recordings, you will love Sunset Breeze. If Evers’ music is new to you, this album is a wonderful way to get acquainted! It is available from Amazon and iTunes. Highly recommended!
April 8, 2018
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