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Album Review: Awakening
Marc Enfroy
Cover image of the album Awakening by Marc Enfroy
Marc Enfroy
2009 / Enfroy Music
42 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
Marc Enfroy arrived on the music scene two years ago with his impressive debut Unbounded that was inspired and driven by his search for peace after the loss of his sister’s battle to cancer back in 2006. One year after his freshman effort, Awakening shows no sign of this artist falling into the sophomore jinx that appears to unravel the best of musicians as Enfroy continues to share songs of optimism and hope.

Once again Marc composes all of his own material that is driven by simple melodies that are expressive and emotional. Despite writing his own material Enfroy does well to add some organic assistance via Janet Sullins on violin, Jack Chen on flute and piccolo and Jillian Aversa contributing the occasional delicate wordless voice. The complete ensemble is best heard on “Maiden Of The Morning Star” that brings to mind the musical magic found on the Titanic Original Soundtrack.

Those of you that enjoy the expressive musical escapades of Tim Janis will be most pleased with the sentiment of the arousing opening track “Always”. Similar comparisons can be found on “The Promise”. This is in utter contrast to the less cluttered “Above The Clouds” that has a more simplistic approach that focuses on Jillian’s vocals and Enfroy’s piano work.

Marc Enfroy has been composing and arranging for less than four years and with this in mind his progression has been quite outstanding. While Awakening does not disappoint it also comes with the expectation that we have not yet seen the complete artist. Nevertheless, fans of Unbounded will be impressed with this solid addition to Enfroy’s recording portfolio.
September 12, 2010
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