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Album Review: The Many Colours of Life
Martino Vergnaghi
Cover image of the album The Many Colours of Life by Martino Vergnaghi
The Many Colours of Life
Martino Vergnaghi
2014 / Martino Vergnaghi
40 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Many Colours of Life is the third release from Italian composer/songwriter/ singer/pianist Martino Vergnaghi. The twelve tracks are a mix of instrumental and vocal pieces that combine new age and ambient elements with with pop music stylings to create a distinctive and very personal sound. Vergnaghi is joined by several Italian vocalists and opera singers who sing duets with him while exploring Vergnaghi’s relationship with religion and God. Some of the lyrics are sung in English while others are Italian and French; instrumentation includes piano, keyboard, and ethereal keyboard pads. A very pleasant listen from start to finish, the passion in Vergnaghi’s voice communicates more than lyrics ever could, so don’t be put off if you don’t speak (or sing) Italian or French.

The Many Colours of Life begins with “Vince’s Bedroom,” a beautiful instrumental performed on keyboards. Tender and loving, it’s a great opening! “Ave Maria” is an original song with heartfelt vocals that convey a deep spirituality. “I Need You as My Friend” is a pop-tinged contemporary hymn with a catchy rhythm and very singable melody (this one has English lyrics). “A Random Rainy Day” is a graceful instrumental performed on keyboard with piano, strings, and atmospheric sounds - a favorite. “Meraviglia delle Meraviglie” translates as “Wonder of Wonders” and is a beautifully haunting vocal sung in Italian with simple but very effective keyboard accompaniment. “Bleu de Ciel” (“Blue Sky”) pays homage to a painting by Wassily Kandinsky and the search for a perfect day. Sung in English and French, it’s another favorite. I love “A Strange Green Experience,” but have no idea of what it’s about. The jaunty melody and vibrant rhythm are infectious, but I can’t understand the words. “Heal My Days” is a fervent musical prayer from someone who was lost in life until he found God - sincere and from the heart. “Emily Tells Her Story” is a piano solo that is sometimes light and sometimes more dramatic - my favorite of the instrumentals. “Due Monette Mi Hai Donato” ends the album with an upbeat vocal that expresses joy and optimism.

The Many Colours of Life is Martino Vergnaghi’s strongest album to date and is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Check it out!
November 13, 2014
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