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Album Review: Dreams From Afar
Michael Logozar
Cover image of the album Dreams From Afar by Michael Logozar
Dreams From Afar
Michael Logozar
2014 / Michael Logozar
43 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Dreams From Afar is the fourth album from pianist/composer Michael Logozar and, as much as I love his first three, this could be my favorite. Logozar had planned to release an album of folk songs this year, but was seemingly diverted the end of 2013 when he accepted the challenge to write, record and share seven songs in seven days. “Because of the time crunch involved I was able to release my inhibitions about writing music that is too simple and what resulted was a bunch of very melodic/accessible songs. I found they fit very well with the couple of folk songs I already had been starting to work with so I decided to combine the two projects into one album.” Two of the three folk songs are not commonly heard, making it difficult to tell which songs are new and which are older. This is in part because Logozar imagined how he would write if he was collaborating with the actual composers. To finish up the selection of twelve songs for the album, Logozar quickly wrote two more songs for a total of nine originals and three arrangements. There is a very nice emotional balance to the album in that some of the songs are bittersweet and full of longing while others are lighter and more playful. Even the cover artwork for this album is outstanding, making it a winner all the way around!

“Carousel” opens the album and is the first of Logozar’s “7 in 7.” Buoyant and in constant motion, it is a joyous beginning! “Firefly Dance” is one of my favorites. Light and energetic, it alternates between a lively minor key and a more graceful major. “Your Smile” is a very sweet and tender waltz that warms the heart. “Musette” is my favorite track. It comes from an old French folk song (not the Bach piano piece most students learn at some point) called “Sing to Me, Sweet Musetta.” Darkly poignant and haunting, it’s a real beauty! “The Water is Wide” has become extremely popular over the past ten or fifteen years, but Logozar has succeeded in making it his own. “The Skipping Path” is pure light-hearted fun. The very spare and crystalline “Snow Angel” tells its story with a graceful chill. Another favorite is the emotionally stirring “The Long Night.” Its reflective melody and somber mood are both compelling and gorgeous! “From Afar” is the third folk song and originally comes from Lithuania (“From Afar Returns My Well-Beloved”). Overflowing with deep sadness and loss, it’s impossible to not be touched by the simple, heartfelt beauty of this piece - I can’t wait for the sheet music! “Homeland Song” closes the album with an upbeat original that Logozar wrote as if he was composing a folk song. Joyous and strongly melodic, it’s a strong ending to an outstanding album!

Dreams From Afar is likely to be one of my Favorite Albums of the year! It is available for download now from michaellogozar.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby, and will be available on CD on March 20th, 2014. Very highly recommended!
March 1, 2014
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