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Album Review: The Road Ahead
Michael Logozar
Cover image of the album The Road Ahead by Michael Logozar
The Road Ahead
Michael Logozar
2013 / Michael Logozar
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Road Ahead is Michael Logozar’s third album of original piano solos, following his 2008 debut Coming Into View and 2012’s Time (one of my Favorites for the year). This collection of fourteen new pieces reflects the joy and optimism of Logozar’s recent marriage and of sharing and planning the years ahead with a beloved soulmate. While not overly “showy” or dramatic, Logozar’s playing is heartfelt, confident, and true. Many musicians play from the heart (or claim to), but when an artist has the playing chops to do whatever his composer’s heart wants to express, it makes such a compelling difference. Logozar is an artist with great sensitivity as well as passion, and this album is definitely a candidate for my 2013 Favorites list. It makes a wonderful backdrop for other activities, but please don’t leave this one in the background because there is so much to hear and feel with full attention.

The Road Ahead begins with “This Joy,” a lighthearted yet substantial piece that expresses the kind of happiness that is hard to contain as it bubbles up from the soul - a beautiful opening! “Fly Away” is more on the bittersweet side - very quiet, wistful, and one of my favorites. “Someday I Will” is a warm and gentle waltz that plays like a cozy daydream. “Inner Strength” delivers its message with a strong, flowing rhythm and conversational melody. The title track is a soft-spoken powerhouse that could have been created spontaneously late at night by candlelight - a man going into the depths of his soul at the piano. “Dance With Me” is a sweet and romantic invitation in 3/4 time. “North Star” is a favorite with its gently flowing rhythm and graceful melody - sheet music???? I also really like “Reflections on the Water,” stillness and peace set to music. “Out to Sea” is a different water experience altogether. Although it is still calm, the power of the ocean is suggested in the deep bass of the piano. “A Quiet Peace” floats as softly as a puffy white cloud on a blue sky, bringing this excellent album to a serene and blissful close. Where’s that “replay” button???

The Road Ahead is inspiring from the first note to the last and establishes Michael Logozar as a distinctive voice in the solo piano community. The album is available from michaellogozar.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!!!
September 7, 2013
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