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Album Review: Starlight
Michael Logozar
Cover image of the album Starlight by Michael Logozar
Michael Logozar
2017 / Michael Logozar
59 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Starlight is pianist/composer Michael Logozar’s seventh full-length album and is somewhat different from his previous releases. Michael and his wife, Kendra, recently switched from a Yamaha grand to a Shigeru Kawai grand. Yamaha pianos tend to be quite a bit brighter and more vibrant than Kawais and the change has inspired Logozar to pull back a bit as he explores a new layer of quiet dynamics in his new piano. That softer sound also inspired him to go with a night theme for Starlight. Logozar has always had strong beautiful melodies in his music, but this album has a much sweeter and more innocent tone than some of his others. Part of the reason for that is that quite a bit of the music is played in the higher registers of the piano keyboard, which can be almost painfully bright on a Yamaha (I know - I have one!). In addition to being very soothing and relaxing for adult listeners, the fourteen pieces on Starlight would be beautiful lullabies for children to listen to as they drift off to sleep. I have been a longtime fan of Michael Logozar’s music and think that this is one of his best albums so far.

Starlight begins with “Sunrise to Sunset,” which is both a reminder to slow down and a piece that starts quietly at daybreak and speeds up until slowing at sundown, setting the “stage” for the night-themed music that follows. “Twilight Peace” is tranquility set to music. Suggesting a sky turning shades of soft lavender-gray as humans and most wildlife settle down for the night, this lovely piece is a peaceful as it can be. The title track takes us to a darker sky as the twinkling stars begin to emerge and create their own special magic. Very light and delicate, this one’s a favorite. “Promenade” occasionally makes use of the quiet “whoosh” of the dampers to sound like the piano is softly breathing. “Dancing Lights” recalls growing up in an area where the Northern Lights and Auroras were spectacular. Very free with a swirling feeling, it’s a beauty! “Dream of You” is a graceful, poignant waltz - also a favorite. I love the gently flowing, almost playful quality of “Midnight in the Garden.” “Moonbeams” is darker and more mysterious, but is also very still and hypnotic. I’m looking forward to the sheet music for this one! With fingers dancing lightly at the upper end of the piano, “The Wishing Star” overflows with innocence and childlike wonder. “Evening Prayer” is again very peaceful and sincere like the heartfelt prayers of a child, bringing this excellent album to a serene close.

Starlight is a wonderful album for unwinding at the end of a busy day, to have playing while working to keep the mood calm, and whenever else beautiful, peaceful solo piano music will enhance what you’re doing (or not doing!). It is available from www.MichaelLogozar.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!
October 13, 2017
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