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Album Review: Currents
Michael Logozar
Cover image of the album Currents by Michael Logozar
Michael Logozar
2020 / Michael Logozar
42 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Currents is the tenth album from pianist/composer Michael Logozar and I’m happy to say that I’ve reviewed them all! Michael has been one of my favorite artists for a very long time and I have to say that Currents is one of his best albums yet. There are seventeen tracks on an album with a playing time of 42 minutes, and only one of the pieces is more than three minutes, making each one a distinctive and perfect vignette. All of the titles are one word, again offering impressions of what each piece is about or was inspired by. Michael’s wife, Kendra Logozar, released a solo piano album called Equilibrium a few months ago (engineered, mastered and produced by Michael), and on that album (as well as this one), the upright piano they recorded on was a Pramberger Young Chang upright piano with a soft flannel fabric resting on the strings to create warmth and softness. The front of the piano’s shell/case was also removed, “exposing the heart of the piano to create a warm and intimate sound.” I’ve reviewed a lot of piano albums where cloth was used to soften the percussive elements of the hammers hitting the strings, and I often feel like the sparkle and dynamic range of the piano is removed in the process. Not this one! The effect that Logozar has created with this method is definitely somewhat muted, but the strings still have a warm and very pleasant ring that I find to be very richly satisfying.

As I mentioned, the seventeen tracks on the album are all quite short, and while the album has a soothing, flowing quality throughout, each piece is its own entity. They all fit together seamlessly to complete an album that is wonderful to listen to with full attention or as an understated backdrop for other quiet activities. Michael describes Currents: “This album is a mix of gentle solo piano vignettes and songs that mix the piano with live strings (cello/violin) and a few other ambient layers. I feel like this one walks a line right down the middle between the new age piano / Whisperings music and the European modern classical scene and should appeal to both audiences.” I agree and would add that I think anyone looking for some gently soothing piano music with substance and a great deal of artistry would find much to enjoy in Currents.

There isn’t a weak track on this album, but I’ll mention a few favorites. The album opens with “Luna,” a dreamlike piece for piano, cello and violin that sets the tone for the album. The delicate “Bloom” feels much like a warm spring day when flowers are starting to open. “Weightless” floats freely and effortlessly - adrift on a cloud. “Sway” makes me think of tall grasses moving at the whim of a quiet breeze - so peaceful! The title track is an elegant ensemble piece with piano, strings and some subtle atmospheric sounds - gorgeous! “Glow” is a simple, melancholy waltz that expresses deep emotion - I really love this one! I also love “Water” and how Logozar so beautifully describes the subtle movement of ripples and droplets of water - my favorite track! The piano and strings on “Rise” remind me a bit of parts of Ludovico Einaudi’s recent Seven Days Walking - no small compliment there!

Currents is available from www.michaellogozar.com and retail and streaming sites like Amazon, Apple/iTunes and Spotify. Very highly recommended!
October 6, 2020