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Album Review: Wonder
Michael Logozar
Cover image of the album Wonder by Michael Logozar
Michael Logozar
2016 / Michael Logozar
52 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
A new album from Michael Logozar is always a treat, and Wonder is no exception! From the gorgeous cover artwork to the fifteen soulful piano solos, Logozar has once again outdone himself! His sixth release since 2008, Logozar’s albums have consistently been on my annual Favorites Lists, and there is a very good chance this one will be, too. Michael and his wife recently welcomed a baby into their family, and I assume that that event inspired at least a fair amount of the music. Logozar has always been exceptionally good at expressing a wide variety of emotions in his music, but this album has a sweetness and innocence running through it that is especially nice. He told me that the writing came together very quickly over the course of a week in July. Some of these are new songs and some were completed from ideas he had recorded on his phone over the past year. He says that the album wasn’t intentionally written directly around a theme, but that he found while listening to the music that there is wonder, mystery and imagination captured in the songs. I agree, and while the music makes a lovely backdrop for any number of activities, you owe it to yourself to listen to it without too many distractions to fully absorb the “wonder” of this album. You will notice below that I didn’t mention any specific favorites - I like them all!

Wonder begins with the title track, a peaceful yet swirling piece that does a marvelous job of expressing that sense of awe that makes your head spin a bit as you drink it in. I’m hooked already! “Arriving” begins as a delicate whisper in the upper registers of the piano and evolves into a fuller sound without ever disturbing the fragile quality of the piece. In “The First Drop of Rain,” Logozar makes great use of the dampers to create a reverb effect that suggests openness and possibly a quiet pause in nature. It builds to a much bigger middle section that could represent heavy rain, and then returns to the stillness of the opening passages. “Two Hearts” expresses a tenderness and heartfelt love that are much too uncommon in this crazy time we’re living - breath-taking! “Meandering” is warm, relaxed and very contented. “Dreamland” soothes yet conveys a touch of mystery. “Sweet Discovery” beautifully expresses that magical wonder of seeing everything as new. Lighthearted and gently energetic, it softly fades out at the end. In “Through the Fog,” Logozar again uses the dampers to create an atmospheric feeling, this time the stillness and soft focus of the fog (I know it well!!!) - another “wonder”! “Unfolding a Mystery” seems to express the fun and “wonder” of discovery greeted with the gentle sweetness and innocence of a child’s happy smile. “Distant Echoes” again makes great use of the dampers to create an echo-y effect that is haunting and mysterious. “Treasured Moments” reflects on the heartwarming moments in life and brings this “wonder-ful” album to a close.

Wonder is a musical highlight in a year of many exceptionally good albums. Beautifully expressive and emotionally resonant, I give it my highest recommendation. It is available from MichaelLogozar.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.
October 2, 2016
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