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Album Review: Ley Lines (single)
Michelle Qureshi
Cover image of the album Ley Lines (single) by Michelle Qureshi
Ley Lines (single)
Michelle Qureshi
2024 / Music as Metaphor
5 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Ley Lines" is the first of three singles from Michelle Qureshi's upcoming album (summer 2024) called Zindagi. The album title comes from a word of Persian origin meaning "life" in several South Asian languages. I wasn't familiar with what "Ley Lines" are either, so I did a search while I was listening to the music and discovered that they are invisible straight lines that crisscross around the globe, connecting prominent landmarks and historical structures. Some theorists believe that these lines channel Earth's mystical power and were the trade routes of prehistoric people. On the single, Michelle plays acoustic guitar, bowed acoustic guitar and synths. The piece is very ambient and spiritual as well as colorful and mysterious, offering an intriguing preview of the album to come. The cover artwork for the single shows a graphic of how ley lines run, giving some understanding of what inspired the music. Michelle Qureshi's music is always beautiful and full of meaning, and "Ley Lines" is no exception! Be sure to check it out!

"Ley Lines" is available digitally from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites including Spotify.
April 13, 2024
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