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Album Review: I Saw a Blue Bird in Central Park
Misha Stefanuk
Cover image of the album I Saw a Blue Bird in Central Park by Misha Stefanuk
I Saw a Blue Bird in Central Park
Misha Stefanuk
2001 / MP3.com
52 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
I Saw a Blue Bird in Central Park is a jazzy collaboration with pianist Misha V. Stefanuk and bassist Dan Immel. Cool and spontaneous, this CD gives a much better indication of Stefanuk’s pianistic talents than “Piano Romance” does. Classic jazz influences can be heard, and the two musicians work off each other very effectively. Six of the eight tracks were composed by Stefanuk, and the other two by Immel. With titles like “OL’ Dee Mow Shins (operating on Echoes),” “Red-Haired Bastard,” and “Death (drives a white Dodge Dakota),” it’s easy to imagine that these guys have a good sense of humor. I especially like “Old Black Tophat,” a bluesy improvisation with a strong but easy-going rhythm and very interesting playing by both musicians. The title track has a sunny good nature and a breezy attitude. “Just The Opposite” is a bit more in-your-face, and I really like its bold musical lines. “Red Haired Bastard” is lively and carefree where “Death (drives a white Dodge Dakota” is dark and introspective. There is a very colorful combination of jazz styles and moods conveyed in I Saw a Blue Bird in Central Park. The playing is confident and adventurous.Good stuff! This album is available from amazon.com and mp3.com/stefanuk.
January 1, 2001
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