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Album Review: Eclipse
Nick Davis
Cover image of the album Eclipse by Nick Davis
Nick Davis
2003 / Nick Davis
43 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Australian composer/keyboardist Nick Davis has created an eclectic collection of piano and keyboard compositions with classical, new age, jazz, world, and ambient elements. The opening track, “Anthem of the Heart,” immediately made me think of Mannheim Steamroller with the brass and period-sounding instruments (synth), but that was the only piece that brought them to mind. “Many Years Past” is much more wistful, with a multi-instrumental sound that includes strings, oboe, and guitar. “Yearning” is a favorite. Much darker and more somber, with a very classical structure and tone, Davis’ piano really tugs at the heartstrings. “Falling For You” is mostly piano, and has some very interesting chord changes. Flute, guitar, and strings add color and texture - a very lovely piece. “Contemplation” is also piano with synth accompaniment (strings, guitar, flute, oboe). I find Davis’ music is the most effective with these more scaled-down pieces (piano and a few other instruments for color) rather than the bigger, more orchestrated works (“Anthem of the Heart,” “Emerald Hills”). “Picnic in Provence” is an almost Baroque guitar solo - very uncluttered, clean, and beautiful. “The Seafarer” is, again, mostly piano with a strong classical (almost Mozartian) feeling - a very effective piece in its simplicity. “View to the Bay” and “Crescent Moon” (the last two tracks) bring us back to the present with “Bay’s” jazzier rhythms and sounds, and “Moon’s” floating ambience. Eclipse obviously showcases Nick Davis’ varied composing and playing styles very effectively. It is available from www.nickdavismusic.com.
January 1, 2003
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