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Album Review: Tears of the Moon
Nick Davis
Cover image of the album Tears of the Moon by Nick Davis
Tears of the Moon
Nick Davis
1997 / Nick Davis
41 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Tears of the Moon by Australian keyboardist Nick Davis is a musical journey through time and space. The instrumentation and approaches to the pieces are varied, giving the album a cohesive and yet eclectic feel. Most of the pieces are on the quiet and introspective side, while a few are more upbeat. “Last of the Free” is almost militaristic with lots of percussion and brass - a big, full sound that is an anthem to the struggle of the human spirit. “Coming Home” has a similar bigness, and is a celebration of triumph over adversity. Much of the music has a strong Celtic influence, which was so strong in the later 1990’s. “Sea to Shore” sounds a lot like Enya, with gentle instrumentation and ethereal voices in layers, creating a very serene, peaceful mood. “Minstrel’s Tale” is charming piece that, to my ears anyway, could almost be a counter melody to the pop classic “Love Is Blue;” the chord changes and rhythm have an interesting similarity, and always make me think of that piece. “Claddagh” almost dances for joy out of the CD player - pure fun and merrymaking! “Reflection” and “The Light Beyond” are warmly introspective and optimistic with simpler instrumentation and easy, peaceful melodies. A very interesting and pleasant collection, Tears of the Moon is available from www.nickdavismusic.com.
January 1, 1997
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