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Album Review: Celestial Resonance
Paradiso & Rasamayi
Cover image of the album Celestial Resonance by Paradiso & Rasamayi
Celestial Resonance
Paradiso & Rasamayi
2015 / 5th Element Music
Disc 1: 64 minutes
Disc 2: 60 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Celestial Resonance: Journey Into the Infinite Heart is a 2-disc collaboration by Paradiso & Rasamayi, internationally renowned sound healers and back-to-back Best New Age Album of the Year winners. Paradiso is a didjeridoo master and Rasamayi is a chanteuse, singing bowl master alchemist, and a full-body channel for the many manifestations of Divine Mother. This limited edition 2-CD DigiPak (also available as a download) presents a listening experience of more than two hours, almost all of it very ambient and otherworldly. Disc 1 is subtitled The Journey, and is one long, continuous (almost 65 minutes) track. Disc 2 is subtitled The Milestones and is comprised of eleven tracks that flow from one to the other with a barely-perceptible space between them. The instrumentation on both discs features Rasamayi on vocals, Alchemy crystal singing bowls, expanding crystal pyramids and crystal merkaba activator; and Paradiso on crystal and traditional didjeridoos, keyboard, crystal tuning folks, dhavani drum, bass guitar, wind synthesizer, gong, vocals, and ocean recording. It might just be my copy, but very oddly, Disc 1 shows in my iTunes player as Sunday Night Party by Brian Johnson and Steve Holbrook under the genre of rap! Very odd! Disc 2 displays correctly.

As I mentioned when I reviewed their last album, while I can appreciate what Paradiso & Rasamayi are doing with their music, it is a bit out of my comfort zone since I usually review more piano-based music. I started listening to Disc 1 in my car while on a long drive a couple of weeks ago, and found myself spacing out. I mentioned in my previous review that I thought the warning to use caution when listening to the music while operating heavy machinery was a little extreme, but I don’t think that anymore! So, let me just say that if you are looking for melodic music with a beat and traditional structure, this isn’t it. However, using the music in the manner it was intended - “for meditation, relaxation, massage, and all other healing modalities” - it is undoubtedly very powerful and effective. Further, “Each song was recorded with the intention to facilitate individual and global evolution through the healing power of sound. Soulmates Paradiso and Rasamayi serve the wellness and evolution of listeners worldwide through their recorded music and sound healing tours throughout the continental US and beyond.” On the homepage of their website, they list part of their mission as: “Together, we will transform the world – one song, one download at a time – manifesting a more peaceful and loving planetary culture, and raising consciousness to further improve the state of the Earth and all of her inhabitants.” What could possibly be better?

Celestial Resonance is available from 5thElementMusic.com, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.
August 14, 2015
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