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Album Review: Hillside Aire (single)
Peter Calandra
Cover image of the album Hillside Aire (single) by Peter Calandra
Hillside Aire (single)
Peter Calandra
2022 / PCM
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Hillside Aire" is part of an ongoing series of (mostly) solo piano singles by pianist/composer Peter Calandra. From peaceful and soothing like this piece to blues and jazz, this series has clearly demonstrated Peter's versatility and artistry at the piano as well as his effortless mastery of the instrument. Quoting Peter: "I don't try to define anything because I find that, as a creative person, when you put something in a box, you limit the creative flow." Amen to that! Although "Hillside Aire" is peaceful and relaxing, it is far from being "ear candy." Jazz and improvisational elements underscore the freedom of the music and the easy mood it creates. Ahhhhh.... I needed that!

"Hillside Aire" is available now on Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites such as Spotify. I highly recommend the entire series!
May 30, 2022
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