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Album Review: Lost Island (single)
Peter Calandra
Cover image of the album Lost Island (single) by Peter Calandra
Lost Island (single)
Peter Calandra
2023 / PCM
5 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Lost Island" is the first of two singles Peter Calandra is releasing in May 2023. As you may know, Peter has been releasing at least two singles a month for going on two years, either under his own name or as Pete Calandra and Straight Up. This is the 41st single in the series that I've reviewed, and you'd think the project might be getting stale by now, but the complete opposite is true! From solo piano to electronic to ensemble, from ambient to blues to jazz to new age, Peter can do it all, always keeping it fresh, exciting and original. "Lost Island" is more ambient than several of the more recent releases, reminding us of what a master of this genre Pete really is. Piano and keyboard are supported in places with a dynamic rhythm while other passages are more mysterious and atmospheric. For an even more vivid experience, be sure to watch the video Pete created to go with this single. Using a combination of his own photos and some that he edited for the video, he adds a visual element to the music that suggests a story that you can make your own. "Lost Island" is a great piece and I highly recommend it!

Peter Calandra is releasing a full album of his music on June 16, 2023 called The Blue Light. "Lost Island" is a track from that album, as are several of his other recent singles. "Lost Island" is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites including Spotify.
May 4, 2023
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