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Album Review: Etheria
Peter Kater
Cover image of the album Etheria by Peter Kater
Peter Kater
2014 / Real Music
59 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
Back in 2005 Peter Kater created the Element Series via four separate individual discs simply entitled Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Close to a decade later Kater decided to add to the Elements Series and return to the spatial and ambient themes and revisit the mellow magic courtesy of his latest release Etheria.

With seven total tracks wandering around seven to nine minutes long all composed by Kater he musically collaborates once again with Richard Hardy featured on bamboo flutes, soprano and tenor saxophones. Though not quite as ambient as label mate Liquid Mind the spatial element is present but with just enough melody and structure to keep matters interest.

The wanderlust of pianist Kater always keeps you alert as you can always expect the unexpected from this Grammy Award winning pianist. With highly convincing material in the smooth jazz, Native Indian, and classical genres, the Elements Series reflects on artist just as capable in the ambient arena. Etheria only adds to this credence.
December 31, 2014
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