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Album Review: Inner Works
Peter Kater
Cover image of the album Inner Works by Peter Kater
Inner Works
Peter Kater
2002 / Source Music
44 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Inner Works is a collection of pieces that Peter Kater originally created for television, dance, theater, the 1999 World Ski Championships, and the 2000 Summer Olympics. Several of the thirteen tracks are sparkling new arrangements of pieces that were released on previous albums, while others are on this CD for the first time. Kater’s classical roots come to the forefront effortlessly, and his pianism is extraordinary. A favorite of mine for several years, Kater is one of the best pianists out there, and this CD showcases his playing and composing gifts at their best. Other featured musicians include Paul McCandless on oboe and peny whistle (hey - those aren’t strings!), David Darling on cello, Cecil Hooker on violin, and Randy Chavez on guitar. Several pieces are fully orchestrated, with RJ Miller conducting.

Inner Works opens and closes with big, Olympic-sized pieces, “Overture” and “Birds of Prey”, respectively, but most of the other pieces are quieter and more introspective. “Eclipse” is a beautiful waltz for piano and violin duet. “Forbidden Dreams” is a haunting piece with a sense of searching and longing - heartbreak set to music. “Candlelight Waltz” is a somewhat more upbeat version of “Dreamtime Waltz” from “Pagan Saints” by Flesh and Bone (Kater and Chris White), this time a lovely piano solo. “Elusive Nights” is a powerful piece for piano and orchestra - dark and a little mysterious, it really tugs at the heartstrings and would be great in an emotional movie scene. “River” is a wonderful new arrangement of a piece that appeared on “Birds of Prey” (1999). Fully orchestrated this time, the piano still haunts with that catchy rhythm and simple but compelling melody. I haven’t been able to get this one out of my head!

This is a really great album, pure and simple! Peter Kater has been creating outstanding albums for twenty years, and with this, his thirtieth album, he continues to only get better. This is extraordinary contemporary music with a classical flair, and I love it! Very highly recommended! It is widely available, and can be purchased at peterkater.com, amazon.com, and barnesandnoble.com among other sellers.
February 2, 2002
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