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Album Review: Piano
Peter Kater
Cover image of the album Piano by Peter Kater
Peter Kater
2003 / Point of Light Records
60 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The simply-titled “iano is an extraordinary collection of Peter Kater’s most-loved and most-requested piano solos recorded in a studio setting with a concert attitude. The music is alive and dynamic, and has the feeling of freedom and spontaneity usually found only in a live performance. Without letting flash overshadow the beauty of the music, Kater clearly demonstrates that he is one of the best contemporary pianists around. His passion and power communicate so strongly, and yet his tender moments are fragile and breathtaking. With thirty-eight recordings to his credit over the past twenty years, Kater is both a prolific and a compelling artist. Classical structure and jazz improvisation run through all of Kater’s music, and rock elements sneak in from time to time as well. Excellent through and through, this is one of my top favorite recordings for 2003! “River” has long been one of my favorite Kater pieces, and this version is incredible. My favorite track, though, is “Trilogy.” I can’t find it listed on any of Kater’s previous albums, so it might be a newer work. A 7 1/2 minute track, it opens with a very melancholy melody that draws you in; then the rhythm changes and becomes much more urgent as the passion builds; the third movement returns to an introspective and searching mood that again builds passion and energy, melting down to the quieter side once more. “Trilogy” is one of those pieces that makes my fingers absolutely itch, and I hear that there could be a songbook in the works with the music from this album - very good news, indeed! I also really like “Thanksgiving,” which is much lighter and more optimistic. “Days Past” is a beautiful musical reflection, soulful with a sense of deep longing. The very jazzy “Espresso” ends the CD with a grin - another one that makes my fingers itch! Other titles include “Ascent,” “Fool and the Hummingbird,” “Spirit,” and “Anthem.” Excellent from start to finish, I give Piano my highest recommendation. It is available from several of the online music stores as well as peterkater.com.
November 27, 2003
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