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Album Review: She
Peter Kater and Peia Luzzi
Cover image of the album She by Peter Kater and Peia Luzzi
Peter Kater and Peia Luzzi
2018 / Real Music
54 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Right on the heels of his 2017 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album (Dancing On Water), pianist/composer Peter Kater releases She, his offering and homage to his muse “for the endless well-spring of inspiration and healing that She nourishes within me.” Joining Kater is Peia Luzzi, an “archival songstress” who has gathered songs from ancient traditions from all over the world. Her voice on She serves as a warm and human musical instrument, enhancing Kater’s piano, synthesizers, sequencing and percussion with wordless vocals as the voice of Kater’s muse. Guest artists Matt Hefner (bass) and Michelle Ancheta (cello) bring their musical gifts to the mix, creating a stirring and enchanting hour (almost) of instrumental music that is beautiful, calming and inspiring.

As he did on Dancing On Water, Kater had his piano tuned to A432 Hz. The current standard for tuning is A440-445 Hz, but there is a grassroots movement to tune back to A432, a pitch many claim is more relaxed as well as more aligned and resonant with the vibrations of the Earth and universal energy. There is no scientific proof of this as yet, but Kater says that since he had his piano tuned down, he can’t stop playing it and finds himself getting lost in the music more than ever before. It is also noted in the liner notes of the CD that there was no “autotune” or vocal correction used on Peia’s vocals, that what you hear on the album is exactly what she sang as the music was being recorded.

The album consists of nine tracks. There are six unique titles plus remixes of three. Several tracks include nature sounds that Kater recorded at various waterfalls, beaches, grassy meadows and bamboo forests on Maui. The entire album is very smooth, relaxing and graceful, making it an excellent accompaniment for massage and other healing therapies, daydreaming, and any time you feel the need to just chill with some soothing music. My favorite track on the album is “He Searches For Her In the Sea,” a piece that features piano, the sounds of the ocean, strings and percussion (no vocals on this one). It expresses a sense of urgency while remaining fluid and peaceful. I also really like the extended remix of “The Rain Speaks Her Name” where the piano is more “front and center” than it is in the first version. The title track is the closing piece and is perhaps the most ambient of the nine tracks - ethereal and dreamy with a beautiful balance of piano and voice weaving their individual magic together.

She will be released on March 30, 2018 and will be available from RealMusic.com, Amazon and iTunes. Check it out!
March 30, 2018
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