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Album Review: Water
Peter Kater
Cover image of the album Water by Peter Kater
Peter Kater
2005 / Real Music
60 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Water is one of four CDs in “The Elements Series” by Peter Kater. This is one of the most calming and stunningly beautiful CDs I’ve heard in awhile. In fact, I had to be a little extra careful while listening to it in the car because I kept being transported to a place that doesn’t require quick reflexes and focused concentration - unlike the roadways of California! The instrumentation on Water is all acoustic with Kater on piano, Paul McCandless on oboe and English horn, and Mike Hamilton on guitar. A few tracks are solo piano, including the incredible “Cascade.” Kater’s intention was to add synthesized sounds to the live music, but he felt that additions only distracted from the integrity of the music. I can’t imagine that anything could enhance this music - it seems to be perfection as is. Kater and McCandless are a match made in heaven. Some of the music on this CD was composed and other parts were improvised, but it is impossible to tell which is which. In the ensemble pieces, no one is the clear leader or follower - all three musicians are allowed to shine in some sections and intertwine their musicianship in others. The eight pieces range in length from about 5 1/2 minutes to 11 1/2, allowing the music to evolve and develop at a leisurely pace. The theme of water often includes turbulence and power, but this CD is all about serenity, flow, and peace. Music that is this calming is frequently best left in the background, but this one is the rarity where the music is complex enough to listen to with full focus, hearing something new each time. This is the perfect album for unwinding, relaxing, and drifting off to a place of peace and beauty. Give your mind and body a treat, and enjoy the soothing flow of Water. Very highly recommended! It is available at online and retail outlets wherever Real Music releases are sold.
October 4, 2005
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