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Album Review: In a Dream
Peter Kater and Dominic Miller
Cover image of the album In a Dream by Peter Kater and Dominic Miller
In a Dream
Peter Kater and Dominic Miller
2008 / Point of Light Records
49 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
In a Dream is the Grammy-nominated release from pianist Peter Kater and British guitarist Dominic Miller. Kater has been a long-time fan of Miller’s music and felt it would be a “dream come true” to do an album with him. The two worked on some film music together, and Miller suggested that they collaborate on an album, hence the title. A blend of composed music and improvisation, the music is fresh, soothing, and elegantly beautiful. Adding to the magic is the soulful cello work of Jaques Morelenbaum and the wordless vocals of Kenny Loggins. As prolific as Peter Kater is, he never seems to miss the mark, and this CD could (and should) easily earn him the Grammy prize.

In a Dream begins with the title track and Miller soloing on the first verse, setting the soft-spoken, reflective mood of the album. The piano and guitar interaction is stunning in its effortless perfection. “Time Will Tell” is a gorgeous ballad that again weaves guitar and piano into a single entity with no one trying to be the “star,” letting the music itself stand in the spotlight. “What Lies Within” introduces the cello and layered vocals, creating an ethereal quartet. “And We Danced” picks up the tempo a bit with lighthearted grace and a gentle energy. “Close To You” is almost ambient with its quiet tenderness. Piano, guitar, and vocals are perfect together. “In Her Eyes” is like a peaceful whisper - tranquil and warm. “Gut Feeling” is one of Miller’s compositions - another piece where the two artists became one as the music evolved. “Clockwork” is a somewhat more abstract and energetic trio for piano, guitar, and cello - sparkling and slightly edgy, I love it! “Folk Story” closes the CD with another Miller composition, this one recorded in one take - amazing! The cello, piano, and guitar are seamless and effortless, ending the wonderful album with a gentle sigh.

In a Dream is another masterpiece from Peter Kater, and a stunning debut collaboration with Dominic Miller and company. We’re hoping it’s the first of a series! The CD and MP3 downloads are available at most online outlets and from the artists’ websites. Very highly recommended!
December 18, 2009
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