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Album Review: Call of Love
Peter Kater
Cover image of the album Call of Love by Peter Kater
Call of Love
Peter Kater
2010 / Point of Light Records
45 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
Back in 2008 pianist Peter Kater collaborated with Sting’s guitarist Dominic Miller, a solo artist in his own right, to create the very warm and inspiring In A Dream. While Miller is featured on Call of Love, unlike the prior release this is not a collaborative effort. Nevertheless, with Miller along for the ride with Kater’s old friend Paul McCandless on oboe, saxophone and penny whistles, though not quite as immediate as In A Dream, Kater once again has created a soothing and sensitive recording that one has come to expect from this exceptional pianist.

Call of Love includes nine self composed songs as well as Kater’s stellar interpretation of “Fields Of Gold” written by Sting and of course featuring Dominic Miller on acoustic guitar. Miller is also featured on Kater’s composition “Song Of My Heart” which includes flirtatious interplay with Kater and Paul McCandless. Jaques Morelenbaum joins in on cello that was also featured on In A Dream becoming a reunion of sorts. And for the lack of a better word the results are dreamy. Similar results can be found on “Breath Of Life” as well as the slow and purposeful “A Tale To Tell”.

For those of you that live for Kater’s piano work will find some astonishing playing on the more challenging “Here For You”. Nevertheless, he still does not hesitate to share the spotlight with McCandless as the two artists progressively become one. This is followed by Kater’s classically flavored bare piano work on “In Every Life”. Closing out with the gentle wanderer “Each Moment”, Kater, despite his prolific nature, concludes Call of Love delivering another remarkable album that we have come to expect from this diverse artist.

While Call of Love is not quite as instantaneous gratifying as Kater’s 2008 release In A Dream, the results are still very impressive. In fact, with very similar artwork and the return of Dominic Miller in a more limiting capacity, Call of Love could almost be a companion creation when compared to its predecessor. And while it is not intended as a sequel it is nevertheless in the same vernacular which is meant as nothing but the utmost compliment.
March 11, 2011
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