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Album Review: Timeless Third
Rada Neal
Cover image of the album Timeless Third by Rada Neal
Timeless Third
Rada Neal
2005 / Rada
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Timeless Third is Rada Neal’s third collection of original piano solos. Rada’s music is strongly classically-influenced but is very contemporary and accessible. Full of passion and elegantly played, the music suffers a bit from the limitations of an electronic piano. On a good acoustic piano, this CD would be stellar.

The CD opens with a gentle lullaby, “Rock-A-Bye Reese.’’ Played with tenderness and love, this is a very sweet beginning. “A Tender Moment” is a lovely minor-key waltz that is tinged with melancholy and longing. I really love this piece! “Haunting Memories” is another deeply emotional beauty. Reflective and a little sad, the accompanying strings bring out the poignance of the piece. “Winter Song” is a bit more abstract with shifting tempos and themes that intertwine, creating the feeling of a chilling wind. “For A Song” is much lighter and more carefree. “Mysterious Moon” is another favorite. Mixing keyboard sounds with the piano, this piece is especially rich and full. The mood is dark with the feeling of vast space and sparkling stars - gorgeous! “The Wonderful Man I Love” is a fascinating portrait. Sometimes kind of Baroque and sometimes more contemporary, the changing themes suggest a person who is complex but also fun to be around. “Choices” is another piece that really speaks to me. The themes seamlessly go from very dark to carefree to reflective. Evocative and deeply-felt, Rada really pours her heart out to great effect. “A Time To Go” is a gentle closing that conveys “see you soon” more than “goodbye.”

Rada is an outstanding pianist/composer, and her music is wonderful. I just hope that in the future she’ll use an instrument worthy of her music. Timeless Third is available from pianopassions.com, amazon.com, and cdbaby.com. Recommended!
March 13, 2006
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