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Album Review: Infinity
Real Music Compilations
Cover image of the album Infinity by Real Music Compilations
Real Music Compilations
2000 / Real Music
59 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Infinity, the latest in a series of Real Music Collections, is subtitled One Perfect Soothing Hour. Sweet and soothing it is, with selections from previously-released albums by Kevin Kern, 2002, Jim Chappell, Paul Machlis, Bliss, Hilary Stagg, Brian Becvar, Gary Remal Malkin, and Egil Fylling dating as far back as 1989 and including pieces from albums released this year. Real Music is known for its peaceful music (sometimes to a fault), but this collection is strong in its variety of approaches to achieve a quiet mood. About half of the pieces are piano, and others are synth (and synth harp), guitar, and wordless vocals. If you haven’t dissolved into a happy puddle by the last two tracks, “The First Night” by Gary Remal Malkin and “Anahata” by Egil Fylling should finish you off! Floating on softly drifting musical clouds should ease the stresses of any day or commute. A very lovely collection!
May 6, 2000
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