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Album Review: Letting the World Go By
Real Music Compilations
Cover image of the album Letting the World Go By by Real Music Compilations
Letting the World Go By
Real Music Compilations
2001 / Real Music
55 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
As I’ve said before, the folks at Real Music do an especially good job of putting compilation albums together. “Letting the World Go By” is the first in a series of at least three collections designed to promote and enhance the healing of “our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves”. The pace is lazy and soothing, and the sounds wash over the listener like a cozy blanket or the warmth of the springtime sun. Most of the selections come from Real Music’s line-up of artists such as 2002, Kevin Kern, Karunesh, Bernward Koch, Danny Wright, the late Hilary Stagg, and Govi. It also includes two wonderful piano pieces by Bernard L’Hoir. If you haven’t melted into your chair by the end of the second or third track of this album, you are in serious trouble, my friend! I made the mistake of putting this CD into my wake-up alarm - I don’t recommend it unless you are unusually strong in the morning. I’d listen to a song or two, thoroughly enjoying the music, and then it would be a half hour later! It’s a wonderful collection, and I highly recommend it for music to unwind to or simply to pamper yourself a little. It is available from the online outlets as well as www.realmusic.com and many retail gift shops and record stores.
June 1, 2001
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