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Album Review: Freedom to Love
Real Music Compilations
Cover image of the album Freedom to Love by Real Music Compilations
Freedom to Love
Real Music Compilations
2002 / Real Music
61 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Freedom to Love is a compilation CD assembled to honor those lost in the attack of 9/11/01 as well as to soothe, uplift, and comfort the rest of us who were so profoundly affected by those events. Real Music always does an outstanding job with their compilations, and this one is especially good. Several of the tracks were composed specifically for this album, a few are from CDs to be released this year, and Jim Chappell’s “Lullaby” comes from one of his albums from the early ‘90’s. The styles are diverse, but the album holds together as a warm, cohesive whole. Most of the tracks are predominantly piano or guitar with other instruments or synth fills. Kevin Kern’s “Out of the Darkness Into the Light” is a gentle, wistful piano solo full of hope. I’d love to hear more of his work recorded without accompaniment. Karunesh’s piece, “The Peace Within” is more ambient but carries a simple, lovely melody. Omar’s “Last Dance” reminds me a bit of early Yanni with piano carrying the melody, and other instruments (mostly synth) fleshing out the harmonies and rhythms. This is my favorite track. It is almost buoyant - more uplifting than soothing, and a joy to hear over and over. “City of Peace” by 2002 does what 2002 does best - music so smooth and soothing that it almost slides out of the CD player. Another highlight is Patrick O’Hearn’s “Beyond This Moment”, a piece stunning in its simplicity. Other artists included in this collection are Russel Walder, Element, Bliss, Danny Wright, Dan Spollen, David London, and Hiko. Overall, the mood of this album is light and gentle, intending to bring solace rather brooding over what has happened. The liner notes emphasize that one of the most important human rights is the freedom to love, so this collection celebrates that freedom as well as offering comfort. Very highly recommended!
February 14, 2002
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