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Album Review: Quiet Days
Real Music Compilations
Cover image of the album Quiet Days by Real Music Compilations
Quiet Days
Real Music Compilations
2002 / Real Music
57 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
One of three CDs in Real Music’s Sacred Spa Music Series, Quiet Days is my favorite of the group. A compilation of the most soothing and relaxing pieces from previously released albums, this collection consists of tracks from 2002 (2 tracks), Kevin Kern (2), Hilary Stagg (3), Michael Hoppe (2), Tim Wheater, Paul Machlis, and Bernard L’Hoir. While calming and quiet, most of the pieces have enough sparkle to keep the album very interesting in the foreground as well as creating a lovely backdrop for other activities or simply unwinding. Piano, harp, flute, and keyboards make up most of the instrumentation. All of the selections are gorgeous, and some are haunting in their beauty. As a collection, this CD has a somewhat melancholy mood that is also comforting as well as soothing and reassuring. I love this album, and highly recommend it!
February 2, 2002
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