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Album Review: Camelot Reawakened
Richard Shulman
Cover image of the album Camelot Reawakened by Richard Shulman
Camelot Reawakened
Richard Shulman
2002 / RichHeart Music
49 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Camelot Reawakened is an ambitious project for orchestra, piano, choir, and soloists. Classical in style, and new age in philosophy, the music grew out of a “musical soul portrait” Richard Shulman was doing for a client who had recently been to England tracing the journeys of King Arthur (although she hadn’t yet told Shulman about that). As the story goes, when he closed his eyes to begin, he had a vision of a sword coming down from heaven. When he asked the client about it, she said, “I have one word for you: Camelot.” Believing that in the ancient time of Camelot, people came close to creating a successful society based on love, divine connection, and harmony with nature, Shulman set out to musically portray the rebirth of those ideals. His quote: “The theme is the fulfillment of dreams of the heart for individuals and society,” and he continues that when one person follows his or her dreams, he or she opens the door for the next person to do the same. Five years in the making, this nine-part symphony is lovingly crafted, and is obviously very dear to Shulman’s heart. The music is agreeable and is very pleasant to listen to, but I have trouble finding anything to really grasp onto or sink my teeth into musically. I listened to the CD quite a number of times, hoping it would grab me at some point, but it didn’t. I like the music and appreciate the themes, but it didn’t inspire any passion in me. It is widely available from online and retail outlets and from richheartmusic.com.
January 1, 2003
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