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Album Review: Más Allá De La Existencia (single)
Rob C
Cover image of the album Más Allá De La Existencia (single) by Rob C
Más Allá De La Existencia (single)
Rob C
2020 / Rob C
6 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“Más Allá De La Existencia” (“Beyond Existence”) is the newest single release from Los Angeles-based pianist/keyboardist/composer/producer Rob C. The Chilean native started his career as a pianist and keyboard player for rock and folk bands in his hometown of Santiago. Inspired by a wide range of music genres and styles, “Más Allá De La Existencia” is a vibrant and eclectic piece that combines South American folk music with electronic elements generated by synths and keyboards. The piece was originally created and produced in Chile and was intended to be part of an EP, but when the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed how musicians support themselves, Rob C decided to release a series of singles. He also wanted the piece to have a live drummer and bass player, so he worked with LA bassist Lorenzo Lopez and online with Canadian drummer Jordan McQueen. It’s interesting to note that this 5 1/2 minute single was recorded in three different countries - Chile, USA and Canada!

“Más Allá De La Existencia” blends a smooth, keyboard-based melody with a strong rhythm and a powerful, upbeat energy sure to brighten anyone’s day! Rob C explains his goal with the piece: “...I always wanted to write something that sounded like the music that I grew up listening to. I was a big fan of musicians and bands that combined Latin folk music with rock, classical or other Western styles. For Americans, this is known as ‘World Music,’ but for me it was just what I was used to listening to every day...” It’s a unique sound that I find very inviting and enjoyable and look forward to more music from this very promising artist!

“Más Allá De La Existencia” is available from Amazon, iTunes/Apple Music, and streaming sites like Spotify.
September 15, 2020
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