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Album Review: Twilight
Robin Meloy Goldsby
Cover image of the album Twilight by Robin Meloy Goldsby
Robin Meloy Goldsby
2004 / Bass Lion Music
53 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Twilight is an incredible collection of original solo piano pieces by Robin Meloy Goldsby. Her first CD, “Somewhere in Time,” was her arrangements of favorite popular songs, so it’s great to hear a full CD of originals. A classically-trained pianist from an early age and a professional pianist in hotels, resorts, lounges, and now European castles(!!!), Goldsby has a wonderfully flowing and expressive touch that conveys a wide array of emotions and colors. For the sake of comparison, if you like Robin Spielberg’s music, you’ll like Goldsby’s, too. The best of friends for many years, they share a similar approach to their music, which is a delight! Also the author of two exceptional books, Goldsby brings a full life and a wealth of experience to her music.

The title track opens Twilight, a piece that paints a picture of utter contentment - a lovely, dreamy way to begin. “One Woman’s Journey” is a favorite. A little darker and more pensive, it flows with the timeless grace of deep thought. I also really like “Peaceful Harbor,” with its quiet, sparkling motion and tranquil mood. “Winter Sea” is a bit more turbulent, but always beautifully mysterious. “Following Your Light” is a tender love song composed in honor of Goldsby’s son’s first day of kindergarten and all of the emotions that evokes. “When Stars Dance” is my favorite track on this album. The minor key paints a dark backdrop for the shimmering sparkle of the stars as they swirl in perfect motion in the sky. “Waltz For Alex” is a touching piece that celebrates the adoption of a 3-year-old Russian girl by some friends. A slow dance with classical touches, it overflows with love. “The Light In Julia’s Eyes” tells of the limitless love of a mother for her newborn daughter and of seeing herself reflected in her innocent eyes - a piece composed straight from the heart. “Hush” is a gentle lullabye that Goldsby sang with her son every night before he went to sleep. Spilling over with tenderness and love, it’s a graceful and emotional close to an outstanding CD.

Twilight is a wonderful CD for those who love piano and instrumental music at its most lyrical and graceful. Sure to bring a peaceful smile and a wistful tear, it is available from goldsby.de, and amazon.com. Very highly recommended!!!
April 20, 2009