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Album Review: The Healing Muse
Ron Clearfield
Cover image of the album The Healing Muse by Ron Clearfield
The Healing Muse
Ron Clearfield
2014 / EverSound
60 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Healing Muse is a compilation of the most soothing, uplifting and healing pieces from cellist, composer and keyboardist Ron Clearfield’s three previous albums, Music in the Silence (2006 - six tracks), Time On Earth (2000 - three tracks), and Dream Manifestation (1998 - four tracks). After the piano, the cello is my favorite musical instrument and Clearfield has been one of my top favorite cellists since I first reviewed Dream Manifestation more than fifteen years ago. It comes as no surprise that Clearfield has often been told by therapists and healing professionals that they find his music especially effective in their practices. The cello has been studied sonically and shown to have the closest wave pattern to the human voice and Clearfield has observed this quality to have profound healing abilities. In the liner notes of the album, Clearfield describes two particularly poignant and powerful examples of how his music calmed a young boy with severe ADHD who felt like his head was on fire and how playing for a comatose friend who had been in a horrendous car wreck and was unresponsive for weeks responded to Clearfield’s music after only a few minutes and began the long journey to recovery. These are amazing stories that again prove the incredible power of music.

Ron Clearfield is also a conductor and graduated Summa Cum Laude with Bachelors and Masters degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music. His father was a professional clarinetist who performed with major orchestras throughout the United States and Ron’s grandfather, originally from Russia, was a fine pianist and teacher. Clearfield performs on a beautifully restored cello made in 1696.

The thirteen tracks on The Healing Muse are all extraordinary. Clearfield performs on cello and keyboards; guest artists appear on bamboo flute, zither, silver flute, harp, keyboards, guitar, percussion, English horn, violins, and viola. Very classical in sound and structure, the pieces are melodic, deeply emotional and more beautiful than I can put into words. To quote one of my earlier reviews, “The cello is such a soulful instrument, and in Clearfield's hands, it sings, cries, dances, and offers solace and hope.” To experience the healing power of beautiful music - or simply for an incredibly moving hour of pure musical magic - be sure to experience The Healing Muse. It will definitely be one of my Favorite Albums for 2014! It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. I give it my highest recommendation.
October 12, 2014
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