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Album Review: True Reflections
Steven Cravis
Cover image of the album True Reflections by Steven Cravis
True Reflections
Steven Cravis
1992 / Steven Cravis Music
40 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Steven Cravis’ debut CD is very appropriately titled “True Reflections”. A beautiful series of reflective and introspective piano solos, these pieces are both intensely personal and easily accessible. Cravis attended The Berklee School of Music and has supported himself as a Yoga instructor. His understanding of music and the human spirit are a wonderful union, and he has stated that his goal with his music is to take people to the relaxing state he has come to know through yoga and meditation.

Some of the music on True Reflections is darker and perhaps deeper than several of the pieces on Cravis’ later The Sound of Light. True Reflections seems more improvised and less structured, and I really enjoy the freedom of pieces like “Earth Journey”, a longer piece (almost seven minutes) that meanders where it will at a peacefully lazy pace. The title track is a wonderful, moody piece, full of questions as well as poignant memories. This piece also sounds mostly improvised over a basic structure. “Father” is very sad and deeply personal - possibly composed during or after a family crisis. I also really like “Heart of Hearts” - again questioning and reflective with a lovely flow.

True Reflections is an excellent solo piano album, and I highly recommend it. It is available from www.mp3.com/stevencravis and cdbaby.com.
January 1, 1992
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