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Album Review: Resonance
Takashi Suzuki
Cover image of the album Resonance by Takashi Suzuki
Takashi Suzuki
2011 / Calm Radio
58 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
So what do architecture, sculpting, painting and music have in common? Short of the obvious in that they are all very creative vocations, they are also the passions of Japanese born Takashi Suzuki the most recent pursuit being music. Resonance appears to be Suzuki’s debut recording that focuses on airy and flighty keyboards with nominal synthesizer string arrangements that avoid any hard edges or distortion. Needless to say, his music somewhat parallels with the dreamy tension reducing attributes of Liquid Mind.

Suzuki was compelled to send one of his musical compositions to Calm Radio creator Eric Harry who spurred Takashi to record a complete album. Resonance is the result of that encouragement with a total of ten tracks of close to 60 minutes of non complex straight forward mellow madness. Needless to say the music you will hear is not heart stirring but it will slow your pulse and breathing to assist you in escaping from your every day chaos.
July 11, 2011
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