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Album Review: Love Without Words
Thad Fiscella
Cover image of the album Love Without Words by Thad Fiscella
Love Without Words
Thad Fiscella
2010 / Thad Fiscella
59 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Love Without Words is Thad Fiscella’s third solo piano album of original compositions, and what a delight it is! Inspired by the love of family and friends as well as cherished memories of time spent with them, this album overflows with warmth, joy, and spiritual peace. A husband (for ten years!) and the father of three children, Fiscella’s love for and devotion to his family really sings throughout this music. A pianist who grew up studying classical music, he also played violin, guitar and percussion throughout his school years. Fiscella’s understanding of a variety of instruments and musical styles is readily apparent in his original music. He is also a youth pastor and worship leader, and brings a deep sincerity and humility to his musical style. His original intention was to compose background music or music for meditation or relaxation - especially for his three young children - so the music has a gentle, peaceful flow, but his touch and the pieces are so beautiful that the music really deserves to be listened to with full attention.

Love Without Words opens with “Lovely (Laura’s Song),” composed for Fiscella’s wife. Tender yet strong with a gentle grace, it’s a gorgeous love song. “Forever (The Proposal)” is another beauty. It begins very quietly, almost tentatively, but gradually gains more confidence and passion - a favorite! I love the lightly percussive right hand against the flowing left hand in “New Rain.” Dreamy, reflective, and very soothing. I also really love the passionate “Devotion.” A bit darker (in a minor key), this one comes from the depths of the soul. “Mayapple Road” has the sunny warmth and simple joy of a perfect day. “My Sweet Girl” conveys the heartfelt and protective love of a devoted dad. Another stand-out is the introspective “October Fade.” Melancholy and full of longing, it’s an incredible expression of deep emotions. “Never Goodbye” brings this lovely album to a close with the warm embrace of a reassuring musical hug.

Love Without Words is Thad Fiscella’s best album yet, so give your ears and mind a treat with this one! It is available from Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes. Recommended!
October 7, 2010
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