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Album Review: Valley (single)
Thad Fiscella
Cover image of the album Valley (single) by Thad Fiscella
Valley (single)
Thad Fiscella
2019 / Mellotron Records
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Valley" is a gorgeous solo piano single from Thad Fiscella, a pianist/composer whose music I've been enjoying and reviewing since his 2006 debut album, Grand Design. This piece could easily be titled "Peaceful Valley" with its smooth and delicate flow. It brings images to my mind of early spring when the world is starting to warm up again and nature's rebirth and renewal are taking place. It always seems like there are small miracles and magic everywhere you look - as long as you take the time to really look. I've always really liked Thad's music, but this piece has become a favorite. For those who play the piano, the sheet music for "Valley" just recently became available on Thad's site.

The single can be downloaded on Amazon and is available for streaming from Spotify and other streaming sites. It's a beauty!
January 25, 2021
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