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Album Review: Through the Rain
Thad Fiscella
Cover image of the album Through the Rain by Thad Fiscella
Through the Rain
Thad Fiscella
2019 / Thad Fiscella
67 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Through the Rain is pianist/composer Thad Fiscella’s eighth solo piano album, and although all of his albums have been very personal, this one seems to be especially so. Having spent forty days in a hospital with his brother and his brother’s family after a heart attack almost took his brother’s life, this music tells of that journey but is also a strong testament to Thad’s profound religious faith. I started reviewing Thad Fiscella’s recordings back in 2006 when he released his debut, Grand Design, and I’ve always been moved by the honesty, sincerity and deep emotion expressed in his music. Inspired by his life, family and relationship with the Lord, Thad’s compositions and improvisations are simple, heartfelt expressions of personal convictions, raw emotions and experiences from his life. Classically-trained, Thad has been composing since he was very young and began writing music for piano and orchestra by the time he was twelve. He has been involved in ministry and ministry projects for more than fifteen years by teaching, leading worship and youth ministry. His passion is “to serve the Lord in whatever capacity needed.”

Through the Rain opens with “A Thousand Promises,” an anthemic piece with a melody strong enough to support lyrics. The melody begins simply and quietly, building to a celebratory middle section before becoming more subdued and prayerful near the end. The title track is one of Fiscella’s most beautiful pieces ever. It’s very easy to imagine that this piece was born of a very late-night session at the piano, sitting alone and pouring deep emotion into the piano keys while offering up fervent prayers for help and guidance. I’m looking forward to sheet music for this one! Waves can be very gentle and hypnotic, but they can also be huge, angry and damaging. The piece with that title expresses an easy ebb and flow and is soothing enough to be a lullaby. “Be Still” offers comfort and understanding and feels much like a warm, lingering hug. The delicate “Light Shines Through” brings a message of hope that builds to a powerful middle section and then becomes much softer and more thoughtful, trailing off at the end - another exceptionally beautiful piece! It is obvious from the first notes that “You and Me” is a love song, but I assume this one is an affectionate and nostalgic look back on the lives of two brothers. “Beauty Within” overflows with tenderness and grace. “Swept Away” is very open and introspective - perhaps another late-night session at the piano, looking within and expressing difficult emotions. “Endless” brings the album to a peaceful close with comfort and reassurance.

I think Through the Rain is Thad Fiscella’s best album to date! It is available from thadfiscella.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby as well as many streaming sites. Don’t miss it!
August 13, 2019
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