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Album Review: Peaceful Meditations EP
Tom Ameen
Cover image of the album Peaceful Meditations EP by Tom Ameen
Peaceful Meditations EP
Tom Ameen
2024 / Tom Ameen
19 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Peaceful Meditations is an EP of six original pieces by Tom Ameen. Composed for piano with and without light orchestration, the music overflows with a soothing warmth and optimism that relaxes the body and lifts the spirit. In the twenty-six or so years that Tom has been releasing albums, EPs and singles, he has has presented us with a wide variety of original music, his arrangements of Disney tunes and other movie music, music for environmental activism and so much more. This is my sixth review of Tom's music, and I have loved everything I've heard so far. He imbues has music with heartfelt emotion, expressing more than words can say whether it's a playful take on Darth Vader's theme from the Star Wars franchise, a plea for peace or a simple love song. The six tracks on this album vary in their themes, but the whole EP is gentle and quiet with no need to show off with flashy piano pyrotechnics.

Peaceful Meditations begins with "Homecoming," a gentle piece for piano, acoustic guitar, flute and light percussion. Light and celebratory, the piece overflows with joy and anticipation. "Candlelight Waltz" is a softly romantic solo piano waltz that comes from the heart. There are two passages in the piece that include cello along with the piano, making the music even more poignant. "After the Rain" begins with the piano in the upper end of the piano with a simple melody. As the theme moves down into the mid-range of the piano keyboard, light orchestral washes add tonal colors to the beautiful piano lead. "Waiting" also begins at the high end of the piano and is even more spare than "After the Rain." Waiting can try the patience and fray the nerves, but this piece is quiet, calm and very peaceful. "Winter Slumber" makes me think of the profound quiet of a snow-covered landscape with sunlight dancing on the surface of the snow. The whole world seems to be at peace during those moments, and that's how this piano and acoustic guitar duet comes across - gorgeous! "Thoughts of You" brings the album to a sublime close with a romantic piano solo that comes from the heart and expresses far more than words could.

Peaceful Meditations is another great album from Tom Ameen and is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites including Spotify. The "HearNow" link will take you to all of the retail and streaming sites and also offers 30-second samples of the music. Check it out!
April 17, 2024
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