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Album Review: The Journey to the Places in My Soul
Vicki Logan
Cover image of the album The Journey to the Places in My Soul by Vicki Logan
The Journey to the Places in My Soul
Vicki Logan
2006 / Carvic, Inc.
39 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Journey to the Places in My Soul is Vicki Logan’s fourth release to date. Each of Ms Logan’s CDs has taken a somewhat different approach, and this one welcomes the return of the flute to her musical palette. Along with Logan on keyboards and flute, the album features Randy Gildersleeve on guitar, Kenni Holmen on sax, Andy LaCasse on bass guitar, and Peter O’Gorman on drums and percussion. For the most part, the music is lively and upbeat, with the desire to inspire the listener to have more fun and enjoy life. Reflecting on people and events that have meant a lot to her, Logan shares a bit of her life and her soul with us in a very personal way. The stylings of the music range from pop and jazz to rock, new age, and Celtic, with some pieces fully orchestrated (electronic), others acoustic ensemble, and some a combination of both.

“The Journey” begins and ends with different versions of “Twilight Dreams of Paradise.” The first one is a keyboard and sax duet that really soars with a warm and graceful energy. The closing track is more orchestrated, with Logan’s flute replacing the sax. Electric guitar and percussion give this version quite a different feeling, but both are uplifting and joyous. “Dancing With the Northern Lights” is one of my favorites. Beginning with a mysterious and open feeling of space, a simple keyboard melody brings in bass and percussion. The flute enters with a jazzy, joyous energy that gets the toes tapping. “The Promise (Part 1)” is a haunting sax solo with ambient keyboard washes behind it. “The Promise (Part 2)” is probably the most pop of all the pieces and has a frothy effervescence (and another great sax performance!). “Everlasting Memories” has a quiet, dreamy quality with the haunting flute, a flowing acoustic guitar accompaniment, and keyboard washes to give it an ethereal quality. “The Spirit of Flight” is a mysterious, rhythmic piece that effectively blends electronic and acoustic instruments while celebrating the little everyday things that go unnoticed but can actually change the course of history - or just one life. “To The Places In My Soul” has more of a jazz approach, with the flute leading the way. Percussion, guitar, and keyboard enhance the joyous mood.

The Journey to the Places in My Soul is a fun and interesting musical excursion. It is available from vickilogan.com, amazon.com, and cdbaby.com. Enjoy!
June 5, 2006
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