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Album Review: The Ride
Vicki Logan
Cover image of the album The Ride by Vicki Logan
The Ride
Vicki Logan
2004 / Carvic, Inc.
38 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Ride is Vicki Logan’s third CD to date. A combination of keyboards and acoustic instruments, I have really enjoyed listening to this mixed bag of musical styles and approaches that range from moderate rock to ambient. On this CD, all of the tracks were composed by Vicki Logan with some arranging assistance from Matt Fink. I especially like the songs that include other musicians (Bobby Schnitzer on guitars and Kenni Holman on sax and flute) as they seem more alive - it also sounds like they were having a blast making music together. Some of the tracks have a lot of energy and others are quieter and more reflective, representing the passage of time and of life.

I love “An Engagement With Time,” a piece that reminds me of the classic slow dances of the 60’s and 70’s. The passionate sax work is just great, as is the soaring guitar. I’ve hit the “replay” button on my CD player a whole bunch of times for that one! “Don’t Be Afraid,” on the other hand is almost ethereal. There are sounds of wind in the background at the beginning of the piece, and then it segues into a light, comforting little melody on keyboard. Flute comes in, giving the piece a floating, peaceful feeling - a very beautiful piece. “The End of the Day” is also very serene and tranquil - keyboard, wordless vocals, and a very lovely melody. “Forbidden Love” is somewhat exotic and mysterious. “Just To Be With You” is more of a smooth jazz ballad with the sultry sax again leading the way, giving the track a great big smile - I really like this one, too!

The Ride is available from vickilogan.com and cdbaby.com. Both sites also have samples of the songs. A very enjoyable “Ride”!
April 1, 2004
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