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Songbook Review: Timeless
Christine Brown
Cover image of the songbook Timeless by Christine Brown
Christine Brown
2019 / Key Image Music
83 pages / 13 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
Timeless is the companion sheet music book for Christine Brown’s 2019 solo piano recording by the same name. All thirteen pieces and medleys from the album are included, and I have to say that I had a real blast playing through the entire book this afternoon. If you are not familiar with the album, it is a collection of Christine’s arrangements of classic rock and pop songs (some very recent and some oldies), most of which are paired with classical pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the recording, but playing the songbook made it even more impressive to see how Christine put these pieces together so seamlessly. Ed Sheeran with Beethoven? Journey with Debussy? Elton John and Liszt? They all work together beautifully and are so much fun to play. Christine told me after I reviewed the album that there were several other songs hidden within the arrangements that weren’t listed, and playing the sheet music made them easier to spot.

I wouldn’t call any of the thirteen pieces difficult, and pianists at an upper-intermediate and early-advanced level should be able to master most of the pieces without too much problem (practice, practice!). I reviewed the PDF version of the book, and the notation is roomy, clean and very easy to read. Pedal markings are included, as are ample dynamics and expression. Metronome settings are also there. Kids will obviously enjoy the more recent songs, and most adult pianists will like the whole book. It’s a great collection and available exclusively from www.SheetMusicPlus.com. Very highly recommended!

The song titles, the keys they are in, and the number of pages are:

Perfect/ Moonlight Sonata - Key of Db major/Bb minor (5 flats)/ Ab major/F minor (4 flats) - 7 pages
Shallow/ La Vie en Rose - Key of G (1 sharp) - 5 1/2 pages
Nights in White Satin/ Clair de Lune - Key of Db major/ Bb minor (5 flats) - 7 pages
Bohemian Rhapsody - Key of D minor (2 flats)/ C minor (3 flats) - 4 1/2 pages
Let It Be/ Aria - Key of A major/ F# minor (3 sharps) - 5 1/2 pages
Fur Elise - Key of A minor (0 sharps or flats) - 6 pages
Counting Stars / Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - Key of E (4 sharps) - 5 pages
Open Arms / Reverie - Key of F major/ D minor (1 flat) - 5 1/2 pages
Your Song/ Liebestraum - Key of Ab (4 flats) - 5 1/2 pages
Both Sides Now/ Canon in D - Key of Gb (6 flats) - 5 1/2 pages
Time After Time/ Minuet in G (Bach) - Key of G major/ E minor (1 sharp) - 7 pages
Scarborough Fair - Key of E minor - 7 1/2 pages
A Thousand Years/ About Strange Lands and People - Key of G (1 sharp) - 5 pages
July 18, 2019
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