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Songbook Review: The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy
Darlene Koldenhoven
Cover image of the songbook The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy by Darlene Koldenhoven
The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy
Darlene Koldenhoven
2021 / TimeArt Publications
53 pages / 10 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy songbook is the companion sheet music collection for Darlene Koldenhoven's solo piano album by the same name (not to be confused with The Grand Piano Spa, which was released earlier in 2021 and is already winning multiple awards!). All ten pieces from the recording are included and were transcribed note-for-note to match the recording as closely as possible. The sheet music for this album can be purchased as a download of the complete book or as individual pieces; printed songbooks can be special-ordered through Darlene's website.

The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy songbook contains an interesting variety of musical styles - from very slow and ambient ("Glaciers") to livelier and more rhythmically-complex ("Radiance") to warm and romantic ("Love Eternal") to majestic ("Ancient Forest") and more. The music isn't difficult to play, but is somewhat more challenging than some of the sheet music in the new age/contemporary classical genres. I might also mention that Darlene Koldenhoven has a wide reach and can easily play tenths, but those of us with somewhat smaller hands can always play octaves or adjust the chords as needed. (There are not a lot of reaches of more than an octave, but there are a few.)

The notation itself is well-spaced and easy to read. Metronome settings are included and the expression and dynamics are clearly marked, as are places where one hand or the other changes clefs. The music is both beautiful and expressive and I would recommend this sheet music for teachers to work on with advancing students - especially those in their teens and adults - as well as for pianists at an upper-intermediate to early-advanced (and beyond) playing level to play for their own enjoyment.

The titles of the pieces, the key(s) they are in and the number of pages are:

Radiance - Key of Eb (3 flats) - 6 pages
Lucidity - Key of E (4 sharps) - 4 pages
Migration - Key of F (1 flat) - 3 1/2 pages
Sweet Conversations - Key of A (3 sharps) - 4 pages
Love Eternal - Key of C (0 sharps or flats) - 3 1/2 pages
Glaciers - Key of G minor (2 flats) - 2 pages
Moonlight Minuet - Key of F (1 flat) - 5 pages
Black Swan - Key of A minor (0 sharps or flats) - 9 1/4 pages
Cumulus - Key of Ab (4 flats) - 5 1/4 pages
Ancient Forest - Key of C (0 sharps or flats) - 5 pages

The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy songbook is available from www.DarleneKoldenhoven.com.

October 19, 2021
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