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Songbook Review: Remembrance
Jim Wilson
Cover image of the songbook Remembrance by Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson
2023 / Willow Bay Music
51 pages / 10 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
Jim Wilson's Remembrance songbook is the solo piano sheet music collection for Jim's 2018 album by the same name. All of the pieces from the album are included except the "radio edit" of the song "Thank You For Being a Friend" (the full-length version of the song is in the book!). Subtitled "A Collection of Cinematic Portraits," most of the tracks on the recording have additional instruments and/or orchestrations, so the sheet music can't be an exact match. The good news is that it is very well-transcribed and faithfully expresses the spirit of the music. In addition to the sheet music, the songbook includes Jim Wilson's bio, quotes about Jim's music from many artists whose names will be familiar to almost everyone. And then there is the music - ahhhh, the music!

I played through the full songbook (a PDF version) and I didn't find any of the ten pieces overly difficult. A few have somewhat challenging rhythms, but not many. Jim obviously has a wide reach, so there are some intervals and chords with tenths that those of us with smaller hands can't reach, but some notes can be played with the other hand, rolled, or changed to octaves. The pieces include chord charts but no pedal markings or phrasing (some piano teachers might have an issue with that), and most have metronome settings. Strong, very expressive melodies are a big part of Jim Wilson's composing style, and pianists of all ages should find much to enjoy in this songbook. Personally, I love Jim's music and will be keeping this songbook near my piano to play for my own enjoyment!

The Remembrance sheet music is available from Jim Wilson's website and I highly recommend it!

The titles of the pieces, the key(s) they are in, and the number of pages are:

Shadow Falls - Key of F# minor (3 sharps)/ G# minor (5 sharps) - 5 pages
Remembrance - Key of B minor (2 sharps)/ C minor (3 flats) - 3 1/2 pages
The Girl From Eastland County - Key of G (1 sharp), A (3 sharps) - 4 pages
In The Stillness - Key of D (2 sharps) - 2 1/2 pages
Tangerine Moon - Key of C major/ A minor (0 sharps or flats) - 6 pages
Thank You For Being A Friend - Key of Bb (2 flats) - 5 pages
Diogenes' Lantern - Key of G minor (2 flats), A minor (0 sharps or flats) - 4 1/2 pages
Under the Highlands Moon - Key of G (1 sharp) - 3 1/2 pages
Home Is Where The Heart Is - Key of D (2 sharps) - 2 1/2 pages
Dénouement - Key of F (1 flat) - 3 1/2 pages
March 20, 2024
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