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Songbook Review: Dreams From Afar
Michael Logozar
Cover image of the songbook Dreams From Afar by Michael Logozar
Dreams From Afar
Michael Logozar
2014 / Michael Logozar
52 pages / 12 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
Dreams From Afar - Solo Piano Songbook is the companion sheet music collection to Michael Logozar’s 2014 solo piano CD by the same name. Transcribed by John Zechiel and proofed by the composer himself, all twelve songs from the recording are included. One of Logozar’s goals with this collection was to make the music a bit simpler and easier to play for more pianists, and although this music is far from a simple, it should be accessible to most pianists of an upper-intermediate or early-advanced playing level. The music is printed on bright white paper and the print is clear and crisp. The book isn’t spiral-bound like Michael’s first sheet music collection, but I didn’t have much trouble keeping the book open on the piano as I played through it a couple of times (I still prefer spiral-binding!) A larger version of the beautiful CD cover artwork graces the cover, making this a very beautiful book inside and out.

Dreams From Afar is one of my favorite recordings of the year (so far), so I have been really looking forward to being able to play the music myself. All of the songs are exceptional and fun to play, but my favorites are “Musette,” “The Long Night,” and “From Afar.” There are no reaches of more than an octave, and pedal markings and metronome settings are included. The pieces are available from michaellogozar.com singly, as a full book download, and as a printed collection. The printed book is also available from Amazon. The titles, key signatures and number of pages are listed below. Very highly recommended!

Carousel - Key of Ab (4 flats) - 4 pages
Firefly Dance - Key of C minor (3 flats) - 5 pages
Your Smile - Key of C (0 sharps or flats) - 3 pages
Musette - Key of A minor (0 sharps or flats) - 5 pages
Finding Hope - Key of D (2 sharps) - 4 pages
First Wings - Key of Bb (2 flats) - 3 pages
The Water Is Wide - Key of F (1 flat) - 4 pages
The Skipping Path - Key of G (1 sharp) - 5 pages
Snow Angel - Key of F - 3 pages
The Long Night - Key of F minor/ Ab (4 flats) - 4 pages
From Afar - Key of F - 4 pages
Homeland Song - Key of F - 6 pages
April 27, 2014
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