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Pianotes #427 -
November 2018
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Greetings and Welcome to the November Issue of Pianotes!

How can it be that the holidays are right around the corner so soon? Well, there’s no stopping the march of time, and my deepest hope is that the love that surrounds families and dear friends during the holidays will help to bring healing, understanding and unity to our very broken world.

On a lighter note, I had a great response to my request for quotes that begin with “Music is…” Those are the trivia bits for this month, and I think you will find some of them very profound and inspiring. Many thanks to everyone who sent me quotes!

I also wanted to mention that if you are finding the link to Pianotes online, you can also subscribe and have the link delivered to your in-box. It's still free and you can cancel whenever you want. Just shoot me a quick email with "Pianotes Subscription" in the subject and I'll get it over to you every month. My email is kathypiano@gmail.com.
Music is the language of the human heart. Craig Einhorn

Music is my serenity. Lynnette Wikstrom

Music is the best language for expressing who we are. Jim Wilson
New Reviews: I have really had a deluge of new music to review the past couple of months, so I’ve been cranking reviews out as fast as I can. We added 22 new music reviews this month, including quite a few new Christmas albums. As usual, it’s a varied lot and there should be something for everybody! Here is a link to all of the “Latest Reviews.” https://mainlypiano.com/tags/latest-reviews

I also reviewed four new songbooks and a collection of “Inspirational Buddhist Quotations,” and those can be found on the homepage.
Music is…sometimes a gift, other times a lot of work and at all times an invisible source of inspiration and power. It is illusive while being able to soothe the soul, create smiles, tears and can bring up old memories or create new ones. It is one of the very few entities that can pierce the Alzheimer’s veil and utter forth abilities and memories long lost to the ethers. It has been one of life’s blessings for me for over 60 years. Spencer Brewer

Music is the sacred absence of all sound rhythm and vibration intertwined with a divine union of coloured spaciousness inspired by mother nature, human experience and of the here and the beyond, all of which is rooted beyond human comprehension, a living mystery blossoming upwards like the lotus flower within the vibrational field of love.. Mark Pinkus

Music is the reason we were given the ability to hum. Tom Hugel
New Interviews: I posted three new interviews in October, and the three artists are quite different from each other. Cecilie is a wonderful singer/songwriter from Norway who recently released her first album. Adam Andrews and Matthew Mayer are both award-winning pianist/composers who shared their stories with me. I think you’ll really enjoy all three interviews!
I like to think of our instrumental music as the universal language of God's ongoing, intimate dialogue with mankind. And, as composers, our job is to filter that intended dialogue into its new reality. It's not unlike receiving a lovely gift and finding a place to proudly display it in your home.
- Tom Salvatore in his eulogy to British composer Iris Litchfield

Music is a context for people to share stories, magic, and soul. Dan Kennedy

Music is....the medium that opens the inner life to the outer world. Greg Maroney
Holiday Recordings and Songbooks: There are links to the Holiday Recordings and Holiday Songbook pages on the homepage of MainlyPiano.com now. Links to all of the newer reviews will stay on the homepage through at least November, but you can find them all here (recordings) and here (songbooks).
Music is…..life! Cathy Oakes

Music is the universal language of the soul, spanning time and space with connections across all cultures. Jeff Bjorck

Music is often a reminder that life is volatile in a world that is not always a happy place when the people that live in it forget to show civility to one another. Sajjad
Louis Landon’s House Concert: Louis Landon marked his tenth anniversary of doing concerts here on October 13th - ten years to the day from his first concert here and the first house concert I hosted on the Oregon Coast. Louis continues to be one of the most prolific pianist/composers around, so he had plenty of new music to play since he was here last year. As always, it was a great concert and a lot of fun! Here are a few photos.
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Music is the breath of life. Rada Neal

Music is good for the soul! Susan Keeffe

Math Art. As a mathematician I teach my students that music is simply a mathematical progression. According to Picasso, art is not truth, art is the lie that helps us realize truth. So music is a wonderful mathematical lie that helps us realize so many deep felt truths within ourselves. George Huber
2019 House Concerts: I don’t have a lot of firm dates for the house concerts for next year, but here is a rough idea of who will be playing here:

March: David Hicken (piano)

April: Dan Kennedy (piano)
Kate Moody (piano)

May: 16th -Hiroya Tsukamoto (guitar)
31st: Darlene Koldenhoven (piano and vocals)

June: Ryan Marvel (piano)
Milo Graamans (piano)

July: Frank Huang (classical piano)

August: (4th?) Michele McLaughlin and Steve Rivera
24th: Dan Chadburn and Tom Nichols

September: Louis Colaiannia
Oliver Bohovic

October: Louis Landon
Scott Cossu

November: William Ogmundson

Should be another great year!!!
Music is everything… Michael Hoppe

Music is elevating. Music lifts the spirit. Music makes my day better. Music makes my heart sing.  Marlene Martin

Music is. Donovan Johnson
November Birthdays: Here is a partial list of some of the musical birthdays coming up in November.

1 - Joseph Akins, Renee Michele, Brenda Warren
3 - Darla Bower
4 - Rachel Currea
8 - Tiana Andreas
14 - Yanni
15 - David Nevue, Mack John McEncroe
17 - Jeff Bjorck, Ovidio De Ferrari
20 - Robin Spielberg, Cecilie, Mary Lydia Ryan
21 - Paul Avgerinos
22 - Cory Lavine
25 - David Glass
26 - Robin Meloy Goldsby, Gary Girouard
27 - Thad Fiscella, Vincente Avella
28 - Ryan Stewart
Happy Birthday wishes to all of you!
Music is my heart beat, my imagination, my essence, my dance, my river. It holds the starlight high in the night time skies. It binds me to the trees, the birds, the rain. It reminds me of my youth and holds me lovingly in the light of celestial beauty.
Mary Lydia Ryan

Music is a more precise language than words. Mendelssohn (submitted by Gary Schmidt)

Music is the space between the notes. Debussy (submitted by Gary Schmidt)

Music is, at its best, so much more than a business or industry. It has the power to make the world a much better place if only more people would listen with open hearts and minds. Kathy Parsons
Wishing all of you a wonderful November and a very Happy Thanksgiving! Below are a few "classic" "Music is...." quotes from 2012 and my favorite photos from October. Enjoy!!!

Music is the soul of humanity. Robin Spielberg

Music is a pure energy force that is powered by the subconscious and is therefore a total mystery! Suzanne Ciani

“Music is the sound of hope—not the smooth-edged hope of easy optimism, but hard-earned hope, the kind that comes from determination and courage, brittle and jagged and beautiful, like the satisfying crunch of heavy boots stomping on pieces of shattered glass. Music is an art that cannot be mastered, a means without an end, and a complicated yet kind process that helps us cope with the simplicity and cruelty of life.” Robin Meloy Goldsby (a passage from her book, "Rhythm: A Novel")

Music is my link to the divine. Craig Urquhart

Music is a kind of flying. Bernward Koch

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