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Album Review: Madness (single)
Ana Rodriguez
Cover image of the album Madness (single) by Ana Rodriguez
Madness (single)
Ana Rodriguez
2021 / 1278434 Records DK
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Madness" is an original solo piano single by award-winning pianist/composer Ana Rodriguez.
Ms Rodriguez has performed in concerts and recitals, both solo and with orchestras, in Europe, Mexico, Honduras, Canada and the US. She studied at and received her Masters Degree in Piano Performance from the Mannes College of Music. She is on the faculty at the Miami Dade College North Campus. 

"Madness" is a very intense and chaotic piece that utilizes all 88 of the piano keys. The four-minute piece is dedicated to one of Ms Rodriguez's colleagues and is based on C-A-D-B-E, the musical note representation of his name, Chris. Feelings of intense confusion and agitation run throughout the piece as the pianist's hands race up and down the keyboard. It ends with a huge black and white key glissando that goes from bass end of the keyboard to the highest treble notes. Although I hope to never experience it first-hand, I think this must be a very accurate account of what madness feels like.

"Madness" is available to stream on Spotify and is also available on Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes.
May 12, 2021
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