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Album Review: Ascension
Anaya Music
Cover image of the album Ascension by Anaya Music
Anaya Music
2022 / Anayamusic
49 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Anaya Music's Ascension was inspired by "the need for people in the world to not be so attached to impermanent situations but to focus instead on their own souls to elevate their frequencies to embrace a spirit of unconditional love." Anaya Music's music has won many awards and is recorded at 432 HZ, a frequency that aligns with the heart chakra to bring quiet and calm. With the world in chaos from the effects of the pandemic as well as the war in Ukraine and political turmoil in many places, listening to music at the 432 HZ frequency can calm the mind to create a state of harmony, balance and peace. Subtitled "Mindful Cosmic Music," Anaya Music's website says: "Ascension is the realm of beauty, peace and tranquillity, where you meet your Enlightened Soulmate." That sounds nice!

The thirteen tracks on Ascension were created by layering a variety of instruments (mostly digital), voices, and ambient sounds that soothe the mind and spirit while helping to impart a sense of well-being. When Anaya Music is composing, she begins with a 32-minute meditation session in order to "retire" from this world and enter a realm of musical vibration. When production on her albums actually begins, she relies on her tech background as a Digital Information Specialist to find the most effective sounds to convey her musical and spiritual ideas. Quoting Anaya Music: "I make music to fulfill a collective yearning shared by humanity for harmony, unity and balance. The magic of music and the profound feelings of love are a divine instrument of perfection to give re-birth to our soul. Music is the sound of Light. Our best instrument is the universal harmony of being.”

Ascension begins with the very soothing "Inner Peace," music that invites taking a deep breath (or several) and allowing the music to do its magic. "Bouyancy" feels like floating on a fluffy white cloud or through a very pleasant dream - effortless and safe. "Morning" is warm and incredibly relaxing, expressing optimism and hope for a new day. "Ascension Flame" has a very cinematic feeling and is mostly ambient with strings and voices that suggest peaceful images. The ethereal "Heavenly" is expressed with piano, angelic voices, and sometimes flute and also feels like floating on a dream. "Hope" moves slowly and with grace, with piano in the lead through most of the track. Warm and carefree, "Sunny Day" adds a saxophone sound to the mix of piano, strings and voices, and is also very soothing and calming. "Quiet Star" brings this album to a tranquil close with piano, flute, voices and strings guiding us to our destination, a peaceful place where all is calm and love is in abundance - a wonderful place to visit often!

Ascension is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and many streaming sites including Spotify.
July 15, 2022
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