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Album Review: Summer Reflections
Cover image of the album Summer Reflections by Anewday
Summer Reflections
2009 / Socan
42 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Summer Reflections is the second release from the Canadian duo who calls itself Anewday. Their 2006 album, Autumn Musings, was on my Favorites list for that year, and it’s quite possible that this one will be on my list for 2009. Anewday is Rob Miller, who is responsible for piano and compositions, and Ron Huestis, who does the orchestrating. The music is difficult to classify because of the variety of influences and styles - always a good thing, I think! Combining acoustic and electronic instrumentation as well as occasional ambient washes for atmosphere and color, the music is easily accessible yet complex enough to listen to repeatedly without getting tired of it. Most of the thirteen tracks are gently upbeat and melodic, but there are also dramatic and passionate moments that contribute a very satisfying contrast.

Summer Reflections begins with “Summer Rush.” The piano sings for joy while the orchestration provides a contagious energy that sets it dancing - a glorious opening! “Reverie” is a sweet daydream. Piano, flute, and guitar alternate with the melody as soft strings add subtle washes in the background. “Early Rising” is a bit more ambient, with guitar and woodwinds floating effortlessly, completely at peace - a beauty! “Celtic Farewell” is much darker and more dramatic, with a graceful cinematic sweep. “Future Beginnings” is a favorite with the piano in front of a full orchestra, telling a mysterious tale of unknowns. “Astronomical Convolutions” returns to a place of tranquil contentment and grace. I really like “Revival” and the way piano is combined with keyboard sounds and percussion, creating something of an energetic and charming slow dance. “Mystique” returns to a more abstract, ambient style that is darkly atmospheric and chilly. Timpani, voices, piano, guitar, and strings merge to great effect! “Whispering Streams” is my favorite piece on this excellent CD. Arpeggiated chords on the piano set the rhythm and passionate mood. As the piece evolves, strings, voices, and percussion keep the drama building to a peak, and then it calms and settles to a close. Love it!

If you enjoyed Autumn Musings, you’ll love Summer Reflections, too! It’s available from www.anewday.ca, cdbaby.com, and amazon.com. Recommended!
June 10, 2009
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