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Album Review: Summer Reflections
Cover image of the album Summer Reflections by Anewday
Summer Reflections
2009 / Fat Cat Productions
42 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
While some regions have more distinct seasons than others, we nevertheless always receive an opportunity to experience the different pastels of Mother Earth usually every three months. The cycle time in the world of Anewday is a little different as it has been three years since they released their very impressive "Autumn Musings." It's remarkable that the quandary facing them was how to follow up their effort when so many artists face the sting of a sophomore slump. No worries here as Anewday present their tribute to the summer courtesy of "Summer Reflections" with a wave of warm welcoming compositions that will rejuvenate your soul.

The optimism of the passionate season begins immediately with the buoyant “Summer Rush” that also reflects the great musical partnership of Rob Miller on piano, fully balanced by the orchestrations of Ron Huestis. Similar results can be found courtesy of the cheerful mid-tempo “Misty Morning” that seems to include guitar work but is all the magical orchestral effects of Huestis. In contrast, there is the piano-driven “Revival” whose musical themes live up to its name.

Otherwise, Anewday tend to focus on moody pieces that build slowly to bring you to a place of familiarity and comfort. This is best illustrated by “Early Rising” that begins with a tepid mood that is fleshed out over its six-minute duration, touching on every color of the summer season. Though the song requires some patience it is probably one of the album's standout tracks.

Overall, the album does not have as many stellar tracks as their debut, but it is also a much more consistent album that lacks any filler. Clearly Rob and Ron have an acute understanding of one another and are more than capable of making remarkable music together. Whether it is the rejuvenation of spring or the romance of a cold winter that is the next season in line for a tribute, or perhaps something completely different, it really doesn’t matter. Should Anewday keep creating this type of high quality music, they will be here today, tomorrow and beyond.
January 1, 2009
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